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Welcome to my personal portfolio website. If you are here, chances are you are looking at my work and want to find more information on what I do, who I am, and how I do it.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written a couple of points on some of the areas that I specialize in and how I see them shaping the world wide web. Feel free to comment or email me with any questions or inquiries you might have. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I believe great design is in the details. Im a firm believer that form follows function and the end result will always be more successful if this is the case. More than just colors, typefaces, shapes and images; Design is all of these pieces coming together in unity to achieve a goal and present it in the most essential way possible. The goal is always to communicate. It is the Designer’s role to have total control over this via multiple mediums.

Understanding the technology that drives our platforms is a major component to making any project a success. This goes hand in hand with the initial steps of design. Development allows the user to interact and experience everything as the designer intended. Knowing the limitations of a certain technology will go a long ways to help complete a project in the most efficient and best suited way possible. An innovative and progressive technology might be cool to use but not necessarily offer the scalability that will be needed down the road. That is why this is a constant learning field. You always continue to grow and develop as a professional, in the pursuit of wisdom.

Digital Marketing
Is the component that harnesses the power of all digital efforts  to position, communicate and let the world know in a certain way that the product at hand exists. Marking & Advertising are the strategy and execution to communicate to the market using various channels of communication at your disposal. Wether its e-mail marketing, affiliates offers, paid traffic, organic traffic, social media, seo, content marketing, or any other form, they all fall under the umbrella of digital marketing.



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